• As small business owners, operators and employees, a safe workplace is crucial for success however many businesses focus on safety only during operating hours. Although awareness during these hours is important, after hours is just as vital and some may even say it is more important to ensure the safety of your business during times when it may be more vulnerable. 

    In Fauquier County we are fortunate to have outstanding law enforcement agencies however their abilities to maintain a safe community are limited to what they are aware of. This is where we as citizens have an equal responsibility to establish collaborative relationships with law enforcement. These relationships between law enforcement and the community are essential to public safety, and it is important that community groups, nonprofits, businesses, and private citizens all embrace public safety as a shared responsibility. Law enforcement and community members must develop positive working relationships in order to build enduring solutions that ensure our prosperity. 

    The Chamber recently sat down with the Fauquier County Sheriff and Warrenton's Chief of Police to discuss ways businesses can do their part to ensure not only their own safety and wellbeing but also the community at large. We also discussed the current opioid crisis in order to drive awareness of this socially destructive drug. We certainly enjoyed conducting the conversation and we hope you equally enjoy watching it. Click here to view the video.

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