• Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Should I Join? Why Should I Join?

    If your business could use a strong introduction to the community and more exposure, which can translate to increased revenue, then Chamber membership is for you. We give members the tools to improve business visibility.

    If you already have enough customers and prefer to keep your company's head "below the sand", then please don't join us. 

    Why Should I Join YOUR Chamber? Why Should I Join YOUR Chamber?

    There are many business organizations in and around Fauquier County, several of whom profess to do work that is "the same" as this Chamber of Commerce. Your company should be a member of the Fauquier Chamber of Commerce because we are the most experienced, most long-lived, most effective, most connected, most friendly, have the most members, and can deliver the most impact far and above over any other "business organization" around. The return on investment becomes most evident  with your first contact.

    How Much Are Dues? How Much Are Dues?

    Dues are based on employee counts - For example, if you have from 1-5 employees (or p/t equivalents up to 10), your dues are at our lowest level = $225 per year. That means that for just $18.75 per month, your company can be immediately connected to other businesses, a new consumer base, numerous resources, opportunities and information that you cannot find outside our organization. Click on "Join Today" to see a complete list of dues levels.

    How Much are Dues for a Non-Profit Company? How Much are Dues for a Non-Profit Company?

    If you don't mind being listed in the Non-Profit category, your dues will be  $150 per year no matter how many employees you have. Many non-profits choose to pay regular dues based on employee counts to choose their category.

    Where are your offices located? Where are your offices located?

    Day-to-day operations are supervised by a team consisting of a full-time President/CEO, Membership Director and an Events Team from offices at 321 Walker Drive in Warrenton (540-347-4414).