• 2023 Thursday Leadshare Tracker

    Each active member of the Leadshare group will receive credit based on the following:

    Conducting One on One with another Leadshare Member
    Passing a lead to another Leadshare Member
    Bringing a prospective member to a Leadshare meeting
    Passing a lead to the presenter of the week within 14 days of presentation
    Format: M/d/yyyy
    Enter you name
    Select the appropriate option from the drop down list. Each entry must be made individually.
    Recipient / 1 on 1 / Guest Name
    Enter the name of the person your either had a one on one with, passed a lead to, brought to a meeting as a guest or the presenter you passed a lead to.
    Format: M/d/yyyy
    Enter the date of the one on one, the lead was passed or the guest visited the group meeting.