The Fauquier Chamber of Commerce hosted the 101st Annual Gala & Meeting on November 5, 2022, at Laurel Ridge Community College, Hazel Hall. The theme of the evening was to dress to impress in an outfit that best celebrates your favorite decade. 

    The Business of the Year Award winners and nominees were chosen by our Chamber members. 




    Laurel Ridge Community College                Atlantic Union Bank                           UVA Community Credit Union              Open Road Renewables 

    Principled Preservation, LLC                  Bank of Clarke County                       Oak View National Bank                   Dawn Arruda & Co, LLC

    NOVEC                                    Genesis Home Improvement               Meridian Financial Partners  

  • 2022 Non Profit of the Year 2022 Non Profit of the Year

    Founded in 1990, Piedmont Dispute Resolution Center (PDRC) plays an important role in helping to settle conflicts peacefully through mediation services, mediation and conflict resolution training, conflict resolution training and restorative justice services.  Mediation services are available at no charge for court-ordered juvenile domestic relation court cases dealing with child custody, visitation, child and spousal support and through small claims and civil cases referred by the general district courts. 

    PDRC is committed to the idea that conflicts can be resolved directly by the people who are most affected. Their mission is to provide mediation services also known as alternative dispute resolution. Equally important, is that their services be delivered with the highest integrity and professionalism and provided in an affordable manner. They presently serve not only Fauquier but also the communities of Caroline, Culpeper, Loudoun, Madison, Prince William, Rappahannock, Stafford and Spotsylvania counties and the Cities of Manassas and Manassas Park. The Center’s family, general, criminal and multi-party mediation and restorative justice services and training are available to individuals, families, businesses, schools, organizations, churches and communities-at-large.

    The list of testimonials is long and full with sentiments such as caring, concern, professional, polite, fair and respectful. Probably my favorite is, “A third party was much needed in our situation. It helped us have an understanding and the importance of what’s needed for the children’s sake”.

    Thank you Lawrie, Sylvia, Lisa and the entire PDRC team for the value you have brought to our community.

  • 2022 Small Business of the Year 2022 Small Business of the Year

    When she was 22, Erin Mann was diagnosed with a disease that caused inflammation and ulcers in the digestive tract. Over time, she learned to managed it with food and lifestyle choices, and she began making healthier decisions.

    She and her husband Craig struggled to conceive a child so she began eating organic foods and carefully considering what she was putting in her body. It was then that their son Lucas was born.

    But Lucas too struggled with a variety of health issues as a toddler but it was a routine visit to his allergist’s office that set Mann on a path to heal her son.

    The researcher in her began studying germs and natural remedies. She discovered information on elderberry syrup as a remedy for cold and flu viruses. She learned that local raw honey could help allergies, and a teaspoon taken every other day could build up a tolerance for pollen over the course of several months.

    Through her research, she determined that her son needed elderberry syrup with local honey. She spent a week and a half testing recipes, concocting the perfect elderberry syrup for her son.

    She officially opened Erin’s Elderberries in March 2019 as a fully licensed and inspected food business shipping her syrups to four countries and thousands of bottles worldwide.

    Known in the community as “Miss Elderberry” or “The Elderberry Lady,” Mann is at three farmers markets during market season and with a heart for giving back, she donates her syrups to families battling pediatric cancer. If she hadn’t decided that a family should never have to choose between healthy food and a roof over their heads, her products wouldn’t be as accessible, and therefore, wouldn’t have helped as many families.

    If she hadn’t been true to herself by serving the people in her life, she wouldn’t have found her destiny in helping families heal their loved ones and for that, we are eternally grateful.

  • 2022 Business Person of the Year 2022 Business Person of the Year

    We are fortunate that within our community we have a war hero, entrepreneur, public servant, and civic leader all rolled into one— Jim Rankin.

    His family lived and farmed in Bealeton when he was born in 1931 and in 1951, he volunteered for the U.S. Army during the Korean War. He thought it was his duty to serve, following in his father’s footsteps, who was a decorated soldier fighting in France during World War I, a Silver Star recipient as well as Italian War Cross and was recommended for the Distinguished Service Cross. In 2015 his father’s memory was honored when the Meetze Road Bridge over Route 29 was renamed PFC Clay Preston Rankin, USA Bridge.

    In January 1966, Jim struck out on his own in the hardware business, establishing Rankin’s True Value Hardware at the Warrenton Northern Virginia Shopping Center and in 1979, his success allowed him to expand his business to a larger location in the same shopping center.

    Over time, he expanded his business further and in 1992, he branched out even further by opening the furniture store selling high quality furniture.

    In 1984, Rankin entered public service and was elected to the County Board of Supervisors where he served through 1992. Despite running businesses and serving as a county supervisor, he somehow found time to help “Improve the Quality of Life for all Fauquier Citizens” for which he received an award from the Department of Parks and Recreation. He is a Life Member of the U.S. Jaycees. He helped to establish the local American Legion Post and has served as the Commander during his time as a member. He has received awards from the national American Legion for his contributions and formal recognition from the Rotary Club, Liberty and Fauquier High Schools, County Parks and Recreation, as well as numerous Little League baseball teams that he has sponsored. In addition, he has remained an active leader in the work of Midland Brethren Church. Jim is clearly a leader within the small business community and along with his extensive and committed service to our community, it is my honor to announce Jim Rankin as the 2022 Business Person of the Year.

  • 2022 Large Business of the Year 2022 Large Business of the Year


    Smith Midland’s entrepreneurial spirit has been at the center of the company’s culture since its founding. Wrapped around those core values is a passion for their people and customers. They encourage their Associates to learn and grow and provide them with the foundation for their success. At the end of the day, they are builders, whose goal is to contribute to the world around them by constructing a safer, more resilient world while enriching the lives of their Associates and the communities where they live and do business.

    They are a community-based company. And because most of their Associates have deep roots in the places where they operate, they encourage them to play an active role in supporting local nonprofit organizations, such as the Boys and Girls Club, Habitat for Humanity, schools, arts associations and service groups. Smith-Midland backs up this commitment with financial support to a variety of nonprofits with a goal of contributing to the health and well-being of our fellow citizens.

    Their list of award-winning projects civic accolades is long and spans the decades, but they are most proud of the individuals who make those awards possible. Each award earned symbolizes the pride in craftsmanship, attention to detail and commitment to excellence that Smith Midland Associates bring to work every day and this year’s recognition as Large Business of the Year was earned for those exact same reasons.


  • Previous Award Winners

  • Large Business of the Year Large Business of the Year

    2007 Fauquier Health System 

    2008 Appleton Campbell 

    2009 Buccaneer Computer Systems 

    2010 The Fauquier Bank 

    2011 BB&T

    2012 Country Chevrolet 

    2013 Fauquier Times .

    2014 Airlie 

    2015 Warrenton Auto Service 

    2016 Golden Rule Builders

    2017 Summit Community Bank 

    2018 Puffenbarger Insurance & Financial Services 

    2019 Updegrove, McDaniel, McMullen & Chiccehitto 

    2020 NO AWARD

    2021 Claire's at the Depot

    2022 Smith-Midland Corporation 

  • Small Business of the Year Small Business of the Year

    2007 I'm Still Me

    2008 The Iron Bridge Wine Company

    2009 Bottom Line Bookeeping

    2010 Pearmund Cellars 

    2011 Hottle and Associates 

    2012 Sigma Business Management 

    2013 Law Offices of Marie Washington 

    2014 Mason Enterprise Center 

    2015 McKinsey Development 

    2016 Vint Hill Village 

    2017 Mark B. Williams and Associates 

    2018 Discovery Publications 

    2019 Grioli's Italian Bistro 

    2020 NO AWARD 

    2021 Bedrosian Cleaning Services 

    2022 Erin's Elderberries 

  • Non Profit of the Year Non Profit of the Year

    2008 Hospsice of Rapidan 

    2009 Mary's Family 

    2010 Fauquier Faith Partners 

    2011 Fauquier Community Food Bank 

    2012 Fauquier County Fair 

    2013 Fauquier Habitat for Humanity 

    2014 Northern Piedmont Community Foundation 

    2015 Fauquier Free Clinic 

    2016 Allegro Community School for the Arts 

    2017 Boys and Girls Club of Fauquier 

    2018 The Mental Health Association of Fauquier County

    2019 Verdun Adventure Bound 

    2020 NO AWARD 

    2021 Fauquier SPCA

    2022 Piedmont Dispute Resolution Center

  •  Business Person of the Year Business Person of the Year

    1987 Anne Hall

    1988 Lou Emerson 

    1989 Larry Olinger 

    1990 John Wayland 

    1991 Karen Cosner

    1992 Ruth Bower 

    1993 Charles Turner

    1994 Hunton Tiffany

    1995 Douglas Larson

    1996 Don Rose

    1997 Bob Sowder

    1998 Mark Rohrbaugh

    1999 Rodger Baker

    2000 Bernice Pearson 

    2001 Tony Tedeschi 

    2002 Donald "Duke" Yowell

    2003 Michael L. Cauldwell 

    2004 Andrew G. Budd

    2005 Gary Newell 

    2006 Kathy Harper & George Scheulen

    2007 Randy Minter

    2008 Jim Carson

    2009 Mary Leigh McDaniel 

    2010 Joel Barkman 

    2011 Michael Appleton 

    2012 Doug Marshall 

    2013 Brenda Rich 

    2014 Dr. Robert Iadeluca 

    2015 Janice S. Sutton 

    2017 Marianne Clyde 

    2018 Marie Washington 

    2019 Lynne Richman Bell 

    2020 NO AWARD

    2021 Carmen Rivera 

    2022 Jim Rankin