Formed to augment business, the Fauquier Leadshare Group is an active and structured system for furnishing and receiving business referrals. It’s well known that networking is one of the best ways to make the contacts in business to increase profitability. A very personal form of advertising, it is one of the most cost effective ways to build sales. It takes an enthusiastic commitment of time and interest, but lead sharing is the cutting edge approach to networking. The Fauquier Leadshare Group is designed to assist the participants in expanding their business network. The theory behind Leadshare is simple, but it works. The group meets on a regular, predetermined basis (once a week is preferable) to become acquainted with each other’s businesses and learn what kind of client each is seeking. Leads provided during meetings include referrals of prospective clients, names of major representatives, or information on organizations which may generate additional leads or networking opportunities. There can be only one representative from each business area in a group. You get to know other member’s businesses and all members of the group carry each other’s business cards. When a fellow member meets someone who could use your product or service they can personally recommend your business because they know you and your integrity. It is similar to having a team of sales personnel working for you.

    If you are interested in learning more, please contact any of the officers listed below or click here to access the Leadshare Application form. 


    Upon acceptance to Fauquier Leadshare, members agree to abide by the following Code of Ethics and Standards:
    • Provide the quality of services at the prices quoted
    • Endeavor to provide the agreed upon number of referrals and leads
    • Follow up on the leads received
    • Work to build goodwill and trust with/among fellow members and their referrals
    • Share professional knowledge and promote networking through fellowship
    • Recommend potential Leadshare group candidates