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Ribbon Cuttings & Grand Openings

The Chamber of Commerce will provide a Ribbon Cutting ceremony for any member business that has opened, moved or extensively remodeled within the previous 6 months. There is no charge to chamber members in good standing. $100.00 fee for non members.

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  • The ability to make potential customers aware of your new business or location. Opportunities to attract potential clients or customers into your place of business.
  • The potential to build face-to-face relationships with area businesspeople.


  • Choose a date that avoids major conflict with community events or holidays.
  • Weekdays work better than weekends with Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s usually drawing the larger crowds
  • Schedule during lunch is recommended.
  • Give yourself plenty of preparation time; three to four weeks is sufficient. Combine the Ribbon Cutting with an open house showcasing your business.
  • Have as many staff on hand to not only help run the event but also to welcome possible new clients or customers
  • Avoid late evening functions where people will have to go home between the end of their work day and your event.


Who you invite to your event is as important as hosting the event. Your invitations, if you have them, may be as simple as an e-mail or as elaborate as a formal invitation. Be sure to include the who, what, where, why, and when as well as a RSVP method to help plan accordingly for food and beverage. The following are suggestions of people to consider when creating your invitation list:

  • Current and potential customers
  • Family and Friends
  • Suppliers
  • Your employees and their guests
  • Local Media
  • Those that helped you get started: The banker, accountant, builder, etc.
  • Neighboring businesses
  • Fellow Chamber of Commerce members

* Chamber Staff will invite all Chamber Board Members

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  • Create an event agenda. A brief program adds focus to the event. It provides not only valuable recognition for you and your key people, but it makes the event more purposeful and permits you the opportunity to explain more about your business. The Chamber’s event coordinator will guide you through this process.
  • You may want to give the attendees a tour of your facility as well as have key people speak for a moment. County or town officials may want to say a few words of welcome to you and your new business.
  • The ribbon cutting ceremony is usually conducted at the beginning of the program; after all of the officials have arrived. This is a good photo opportunity for you so think ahead as to whom you would like to have in the photo. Work with the photographer afterwards to clearly give everyone’s name.
  • Have plenty of information handy on your business if your business cards and brochures are ready. It would also be appropriate to have “giveaways” if you wish but this is optional.
  • You might also consider some sort of drawing, especially if your business is service oriented. Winning a sample of your product or services can add to the festivities.