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  • Fauquier Chamber Micro Enterprise Council

  • Save the date! October 18, 2019 8:00am - 12:00pm

    Hosted by Lord Fairfax Community College / Fauquier Campus

    Presented by Lord Fairfax Small Business Development Center

    Major Sponsors: Piedmont Press & Graphics
    The Center for Innovative Technology



    We are actively seeking speakers on a variety of topics and a diverse speaker pool for our second annual Micro Enterprise Symposium! Do you have a value driven and dynamic topic to share that attendees can use to impact their business in a positive way?

    Our audience is made up of micro business owners (5 employees or less) at varying stages of their business development cycle. Our attendees are all looking to take it to the next level, and will attend our event to receive practical, actionable advice to implement in their real-life business situations. We want topics and speakers that deliver high value insights and advice that propel the audience to take immediate action on their dreams and goals.

    If that describes you, please read through our guidelines and apply by clicking the link below. 

    Thank you!





    Did you know that -- not only can you register for this event, but you can also sign up for your sponsorship online? It's easy! Click below to save your seat!



    Sponsorship opportunities for this event are now available! Support small business, make connections, and create new relationships with those who can benefit from your business offerings. We had a fantastic turnout last year -- you don't want to miss this! Click below to download more information or contact Jennifer Goldman at Jennifer@Resonance.us or (540)-454-6511.

  • Write for the Fauquier Chamber Micro Enterprise Council blog!

    This blog is a member-driven blog moderated by the Micro Enterprise Council. Current members of the Fauquier Chamber are invited to share their expertise with other members of the Chamber. Share your knowledge, and learn from others in our business community!

    We seek to provide informational articles on a variety of topics that our member businesses will find valuable, and all articles are reviewed prior to publishing.  Although moderated by the Micro Enterprise Council, the opinions and advice given in these posts may not reflect the opinions of the Micro Enterprise Council or the Fauquier Chamber. Please be sure to vet all information you read in this blog and consult with those you trust on any topic before taking action for your business.

    This blog is intended to benefit our members and we invite your feedback! Contact us here.

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    This is YOUR blog, and we invite you to contribute! Your submission should follow these guidelines:

    • You should be a current member of the Fauquier Chamber.
    • Your article should be value-rich and not an overt sales pitch for your company or services.
    • Your article should be an original article that you have written, with a business focus.
    • If you have posted the article elsewhere, please include links to the original post.

    If you have image(s) or file(s) that you'd like to include in your post, you'll be able to tell us about that when you submit the content of your article.

    Thank you for your contribution!

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  • Council Members

    Michelle Coe, Vice Chair
    Dr. Wes Shortridge, Vice Chair

    Marianne Clyde
    Miles Friedman
    Kathy Godfrey
    Jennifer Goldman
    Charles Grammick
    Gary Grenter
    Jenny Knox
    Christine Kriz
    Margie Markham
    Joe Martin
    Sylvia McDevitt
    Beverly Pullen
    Astrid Ruiz
    Carlton Shutt
    Jan Sutton
    Jennifer Sweigart
    Renee Younes


    Our Mission

    To connect & educate entrepreneurs and micro enterprises to support their pathway to success.

    We will accomplish this through three initiatives:

    1. Development of a resources page to assist micro businesses in finding the help they need to thrive.
    2. Development and maintenance of a member-driven blog, where the focus is on providing high-value content that area businesses can use to learn and grow.
    3. Development and launch of an annual event focused on the needs of small business owners in varying stages of the business development cycle.