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Member Testimonials

I originally got involved in the Chamber because I wanted to meet business owners & the decision makers!  I tried hanging out in places like Staples and Office Depot but the management thought me spending entire days at the store trying to talk to business owners was too much for them!  Plus using the office furniture like it was mine apparently is quite annoying ..................

The Chamber had lots of opportunities to meet business owners, team members of a business and be invited to brand new businesses too!  Most of the events were during the day or in the evening and since I lived in Warrenton but had an office in Manassas it became a challenge some days to attend as many events as I wanted.  As the Gainesville area began to grow, so did traffic!  I started to look for morning activities so that I could start working early but not have to deal with traffic.  I love networking so I met with the Chamber ED and an active Chamber member and formed Leadshare Groups!!!! 

Referrals, Ribbon Cuttings, Speakers,  Leadshare, Leadership opportunities etc....... are just a few of the things I have enjoyed!!!  And then sometimes you also become personal friends with some members .................. friends and business all in ONE place.  Life is great!

Jan Sutton / Janice S. Sutton Insurance Agency Inc.